Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions asked

I have a smart meter already, can I change suppliers?

Yes, however your meters may become dumb if you change suppliers. (some functions may not work).  Good news is smets2 (latest version of smart generation) has been release and is compatible with the majority of suppliers.

Are there are fees or costs?

There are no fees or cost involved, however there maybe a exit free with your current supplier.  Note: if there is, you can exit 49 days before your contracts ends. There are some suppliers that will even pay off any exit fees you might have.

What is the "Warm Home Discount"?

The warm home discount scheme is a government scheme that has been running for a number of years.  It is a payment of £140 that usually goes towards your electricity.  Some get it automatically, but if you don't its worth applying for.  Usually application is open between September till December.  The application is means tested and each criteria differs from supplier to supplier. 

Why should I change?

Price rises towards our electricity and gas has risen over the years.  As consumers we are more aware about deals.  Some even offer 'dual fuel discounts' or even 'free credit'.  Changing from supplier to supplier is really a simple process.  Its like shopping from one store to another.

Worried about higher bills?

With the increase uncertainty in our future of our utilities bills, its best to do a comparison and see the options available. However if you are having trouble paying bills, speak to someone about it. The Citizens Advice Bureau can offer help and guidance.

I don't want a smart meter, is it compulsory?

Smart meter are being rolled out across the country, target year is 2020.  However, they are not compulsory.

I got a smart meter, pay as you go.  Can I go direct debit?

If you current have a smart meter as a payg and you wish to pay by DD you have the choice of setting up a direct debit plan (i.e. pay monthly credit meter).  However you might need to send in meter readings manually. 

I've got a smart meter, do they still take meter readings?

Once you have a smart meter, there will still be visits from the meter reader.  However, not as often.